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Tired Of Calling Two Or Three Roofers To Look At Your Leak And Nobody Can Fix It?


Sometimes The Accuracy of the Repair Lies In Something Other Than The Roofing.



Most roofers will generally take the most obvious easy-way out, get the money, and run. Accuracy is really about having a complete understanding of what's causing the problem and following recommended repair specifications.


Each roofing project must begin with a diagnosis. We believe that the diagnosis is a scientific process of elimination of the possibilities, starting with the most obvious. That's why we look at the walls, the plumbing and the mechanical equipment, as well as the roofing.



We are 1 of only 2 companies that specialize in both building restoration and roofing. With our building restoration knowledge, we can spot obvious problems that are completely unrelated to your roof. A roofing contractor will not be able to see the things that we can see, simply because they don't have the training or the expertise to see building problems like we do. This lack of expertise in building restoration is the leading cause of misdiagnosis and improper repair work being performed, which causes you countless hours of headache and hassles.


We actually like it when you've called other roofers and they haven't been able to fix your problems. They've taken care of all the easy stuff. Now it takes real thinking, real diagnosis and real problem-solving to get to the root of the problem.


In our proposal for any project we will include specification and pictures from the HARK. These will help you to know if the job is done right, but sometimes more importantly, how to tell if there have been any misapplications. In roofing there are many different kinds of materials that can be used. A lot of times we see previous repairs where wrong products were used. And sometimes by using wrong products, more damage is caused.














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