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Finally, a Commercial Roofing Contractor Who Will Actually Fix Your Roofing Problem Instead of Becoming Part of the Problem!



It really doesn’t matter if it’s a large or small project, undertaking any roofing project is stressful for you. And unless you’re dealing with a qualified company that has expertise, communicates with you throughout the process, and specializes in your type of project, you could be setting yourself up to become just another construction horror story. Here at Bright Roofing and Building Restoration, you won’t have that problem. You see, we do something very unique in our industry in that we eliminate many of the problems plant superintendents and building managers traditionally face when trying to evaluate, choose, and work with a commercial roofing contractor in the Detroit area.




For example, have you ever called a commercial roofing contractor to fix your roof, only to be told that they can’t get to you until later, even if it’s an emergency situation? At Bright Roofing and Building Restoration, we can handle any situation – emergency or not – even on the busiest of days. How? We have five fully-equipped trucks staged and ready to respond to repair calls. In our industry, only half a dozen companies designate one to three trucks for service or repairs. Our five trucks can get to you quickly and handle any repair that you might need.


In addition, the Bright trucks are driven by certified, experienced employees empowered to make on-the-spot decisions about the project while the other companies personnel are only repair guys who are completing a work order. For example, if a company you call comes out to do a repair and sees something else that needs repairing, they will IGNORE it because they are not authorized to provide a solution. The Bright personnel not only are authorized to provide a solution but will fix the problem right then and there. The former 'self-serving' attitude is replaced at Bright with one of partnership. In the long run this will save you time and MONEY!




Whose Fault Is It When Problems Occur During Your Roofing Repairs?



I say it’s the roofing contractors industry’s fault. A lack of licensing laws allows everyone who wants to be a 'roofer' to be called a 'roofer.' We realize that contracting for roofing repairs is a big step for you. We also know that you are trying to live your life and do your job, not trying to figure out how our industry works. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to overcoming every problem you’ll face when trying to find, evaluate and choose a commercial roofing company…making sure that you’re dealing with a truly professional company that communicates to you throughout the project, has expertise, and specializes in your type of project.







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